Big Moose Community Chapel

To those who pass by,

    To the citizen and the stranger,

        To the young and the old,

            To those who love Him

                And those who need Him,

                    This church offers,

                        In all its services,

                            AN OPEN DOOR


The Chapel welcomes visitors and guests to its services and activities.  The Chapel family hopes that strangers will become friends and the worship will be spiritually beneficial.

Sunday School is provided for children at 9:30 AM each Sunday, July 1st – Sept. 2nd.  Children join in the early part of the 9:30 AM service, then recess to the Sunday School rooms.  Please tell other families about this opportunity for their children.

Everyone is invited to the coffee hour at 10:30 AM July 1st – September 2nd.

Holy Communion is to be administered at both the morning services on Sunday, August 5th.  The Lord’s Table in this community chapel is “open to all who put their trust in the Lord and desire his help, that they may lead a more holy life.” Worshipers of all Christian communities and denominations are invited to take the elements when the Chapel trustees serve the bread and wine.

The Chapel is open to visitors from 2-4 on Tuesday during July and August with a guide available to provide interesting information about the Chapel’s history. See the entry on the calendar for more information.

The membership of the Chapel is made up of those with permanent residence in the community and those summering here who, though holding membership elsewhere, unite with this Chapel as a summer place of worship.  The financial support of the Chapel has always been spontaneouse and comes largely from those worshipers who have found blessings here and express their gratitude and their faith in the Chapel by helping us to perpetuate its tradition and influence.

To receive chapel mailings, please register on a directory card in the Narthex.

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